Managed Wireless Networks

In addition to our hard wired network systems we can also offer a range of wireless communication solutions from flexible wireless network access to radio and laser links between buildings.

Our wireless networking solutions range from a single wireless access point for an isolated building or small office to a fully managed wireless solution to cover an entire school, office or warehouse complex across single of multiple sites. We can supply install and configure solutions from a wide range of manufactures such as D-Link, Netgear, 3 com and Aruba to name a few.

Wireless communications can also be use to connect network installation in multiple building with out the cost and inconvenience of installing fixed cabling above or below ground. We can install both radio and laser links or a combination of both to provide a reliable inter building link at a range of speeds.

To discover if we can provide the type of service you require, or If you have any questions then please call us for a free no obligation quote on 01202 621078 or fill in our on line enquiry form.

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